Monday, April 4, 2011

Tablecloth Curtains

I have been searching for fabric for two months for curtains but everything I love doesn't fit my budget. Until, now!! I went to Target this weekend to walk around and dream and get ideas. Yes, Tar-jay is my place of refuge when I need to clear my mind. I sometimes go on an hour long trip around the store only to walk away with an Icee and of course a chocolate chip cookie. As I made my fourth....fifth.....sixth trip around the store I saw a tablecloth that I have seen many times before but I don't really use tablecloths so I usually keep on cruising by. But a light bulb moment came to me and I thought CURTAINS! So I compared the measurements of curtain panels and the tablecloth and they were both 84" long. The width of the tablecloth was 60" and my widow was only 36" so I excitedly grabbed one and stepped over to the curtains and bought drapery clips. Well, later that evening I sat on my couch and ate my evening ice cream and admired my work. And yes, I have a bowl of ice cream almost  every night! heehee
 First I cut the tablecloth in half, luckily there was a fold already in the center so I just followed it.
 Next I sewed a seam on each panel where I cut. You can also use the NO SEW iron on stuff. I usually use that but I didn't have any.
Last, I hung my rod and clipped seven drapery ring on each panel.
 I hope to get some bamboo blinds soon and replace the vinyl ones there now.
Total cost was $18.99 for tablecloth (if you aren't set on a certain print, look for clearance!)
$9.99 for the cafe rod
$6.99 each for a pack of 7 drapery clips, I bought two
My total cost about $43. I usually wouldn't pay full price for the tablecloth, making my total MUCH less but I LOVE this print and it matched my place mat pillows!


  1. Very nifty idea. I noticed how good looking Target's tablecloths were the other day when I was browsing. Why do curtains have to be so expensive? You made a great choice. And so easy!

    I found your project on Made By You Monday.

  2. Love it!!! i have the same dilemma in my living room windows

  3. Which window did you put this on? Good choice on the print ... whatever room they're in. Love 'em!

  4. Okay, you totally have to check out my blog because I had the exact same idea in February (same print and everything). I LOVE my curtains and I think great minds definitely think a like!

  5. Love those curtains! I have those colors in my master bedroom, and will definitely be checking Target for that tablecloth.

  6. I love these! Great look!!