Thursday, April 7, 2011

Have A Stress Free Summer!

Don’t let the summer pass you by! With these organizing tips you and your family can get back to having fun and doing the things you enjoy.
1.        Keep a trash can or bag in your car. Before the kids get out of the car, have them gather trash and put it in the bin.
2.        Put a back seat organizer in your car to hold toys and games. They are also great for holding wet wipes and other necessities for kids.
3.        Put an empty laundry basket or bin in your trunk or in the back of your car to carry in groceries, pool toys, camping bags etc. Be sure to return the basket to the car on your next outing.
4.        Keep a small file folder in the car for coupons, flyers and directions you may need when looking for something to do with the kids.
5.        Give outdoor play toys and yard tools a home. Install hooks in garages to get things off the floor such as bikes, rakes and garden tools.
6.        Put sports equipment and pool toys in hanging bins or stackable crates.
7.        Label the bins and hooks so everyone can help clean up properly. Put like items together.
8.        Do some extra childproofing around the house for the summer.( Pack up expensive breakables and white tablecloths.)
9.        Put a basket in places like the bottom of the stairs and at the back door for items to be put throughout the day. At the end of the day have everyone pick out their items or carry the basket around the house and return them to their homes.
10.     Create a snack and lunch menu. Write down all the snacks and meals that your family enjoys. Use this when making your grocery lists.
11.     Be creative. Make snack and lunchtime a fun project by letting them make it themselves. This will keep them busy and you can even turn it into a learning project.
12.     Stick to a schedule for meals and snacks. This will make it easier for you to keep up with their eating habits and keep them from constantly asking for something to eat.
13.     Make cleaning up fun. Set a timer for 10-15 minutes and set up rewards for finishing in time. Have them throw stuffed animals into a basket to score points for a reward. Rewards can be a special book, a movie or a trip to the mall.
14.     Clean up small messes before they get big. Have kids pick up one game before they can get out another. For younger kids, keep games with small pieces up somewhere so they have to ask you first before playing.
15.     Make sure kids understand their responsibilities. Create a poster together of the things they are expected to do each day. Have them check off things as they are done.
16.     Relax! Don’t overload your kid’s schedule. Let them have some free time to just be kids. Give them a chance to use their imagination. 

image credit Kid Activities

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