Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cleaning Your Shower

Okay so today is not an exciting post but I like to do something on organizing and simplifying every week and last night in the shower I thought I should share my lazy but effective way of cleaning my shower. I bought a dish washing brush last year but I like sponges better for washing dishes so instead of throwing out the brush I decided to try it in the shower. Over a year later I am still using the same technique (different brush now).

I have always hated cleaning the bathtubs and by the time I forced myself to do it I had too much scrubbing to do from postponing it. It left me grumpy with a hurt back. If this sounds like you then you may benefit from using a dish brush as well. I used dish soap for a while in it but now I don't use anything because I wipe the shower down with vinegar every few weeks. I don't have to scrub because in between the more thorough cleans I maintain it with my brush. Wow, I can't believe I wrote so much on a little dish brush.... heehee

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