Monday, March 28, 2011

Place Mat Sham Pillow

I had a hard time finding throw pillows that matched my living room but I DID find some place mats. So, I went to a bargain store and bought two inexpensive pillows in any pattern and with my AMATEUR sewing skills (really I have used a sewing machine about five times in my life!) I sewed together two place mats to make a sham pillow cover. The total cost to make for me was less than ten dollars and about half an hour to make. Not bad for a rainy night project huh?

Here is my $3.99 pillow I bought to cover. You want a rectangle not a square pillow.
I pinned two place mats together right side out and sewed three sides with an inch border. You may need to adjust to fit your pillow, or you could use batting. I stuffed the pillow inside and sewed it up.
Again, I am not a seasoned sewer by ANY means, but they look great on my chairs! If you have any advice on ways I could have done the sewing please share! I am always open to ideas.
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