Thursday, April 28, 2011

21 Ways to Sell Your House Faster!

  1.  Start with the outside. It will make the first impression. Make sure grass and shrubs are trimmed. Sweep the sidewalks and pull up weeds. Set a few colorful potted flowers around the entry.
  2. The front porch should be clear of any toys or clutter that doesn’t belong there.
  3.  Paint the front door if needed. A nice welcome mat can also help. Repair things outside that are broken.
  4. Inside the house you should start at the entryway and work your way through the house. Make sure the entryway is clear of everything including shoes and jackets. Put them neatly away in closets. You want as much room as possible in the entryway so it doesn’t feel crowded.
  5. If you have color on the walls consider painting them a neutral or off white. It makes the room brighter and bigger. Touch up doorframes and window frames if needed.
  6. Pack things for moving that are rarely used to clear up some space. Use this time to throw out or donate items that you will not be taking with you. Eliminate as much as possible.
  7. Furniture should be placed where it allows the most space. Don’t block traffic flow. If you have a fireplace, arrange the furniture to focus on that. If you have a lot of furniture, consider storing some pieces until the move. The less amount of furniture, the bigger a room will appear.
  8. Make sure the rooms are serving their purpose. If it is a dining room, make it look like a dining room. Get everything out that doesn’t go in a dining room.
  9. Kitchen counters should be clear. Organize mail and papers into baskets. Pack up dishes and cookware that are not being used. Clear out as much from your cabinets as possible. Potential buyers will open your cabinets to see about storage and space. Make it look organized! Store appliances like the toaster in the cabinets to clear the countertops. Take magnets and personal items off of refrigerator.
  10. Bedrooms, especially the master bedroom, should be clear of clutter. Beds should be made. Eliminate furniture pieces if needed to create more space. Closets and dressers should be neat and organized. Clear off the tops of dressers. Use decorative boxes such as hat boxes to hold items that go on top of dressers.
  11. Take personal items such as photos and collectibles down. Hang only decorative items and keep those to a minimum.
  12. Bathroom countertops should be cleared off. Put out a nice set of hand towels. Use baskets to store products and put them in a closet of under the sink. Make sure the shower curtain is pulled closed.
  13. Clean, clean, clean! Wipe down all surfaces. Countertops, dressers, mirrors, windows, tables and any other surface that catches dust and dirt. The kitchen and the bathrooms should be especially clean.
  14. Floors should be swept and vacuumed. Keep clothes and toys off the floor. If your carpet is dirty, rent a carpet cleaner or have them professionally cleaned.
  15. Empty all your wastebaskets. Especially in the bathrooms.
  16. Open your blinds and curtains to let in as much light as possible.
  17. Replace light bulbs and screws where needed. Patch large holes in the walls and fix leaky faucets.
  18. Smells such as fresh coffee or baked cookies can make a house very inviting. Be careful with scents because everybody has different taste. The important thing is for your house to smell pleasant. Odors from cooking or pets are a big turnoff.
  19. Soft music or sounds of nature playing in the background will make your house feel comfortable. If possible have the fireplace going to create a warm, inviting feeling.
  20. Overall you want a buyer to come into your home and be able to see them and their family relaxing and enjoying themselves. You don’t want them to see anything that will make them think of cleaning or repairing things.
  21. Place fresh flowers around the house to liven up areas. Set out fresh fruit in the kitchen, make sure it is fresh! Put a bowl of mints on the coffee table. Create a warm and inviting environment. 

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