Thursday, March 31, 2011

Not your grandma's SPRING CLEANING!

Okay, so cheesy title I know but I couldn't help myself. I am speaking at a mom's group today about this very topic so I thought I would share with you too. I did professional organizing for a couple years and I still love to tackle clutter and simplify anything that I can. That's why I love this time of year because it seems like everyone is (trying) to organize or redecorate. BUT WHO HAS THE TIME? I have a few ideas that I have used over the years that are fast and easy. (WARNING: starting these things may make you want to do more, and more and more and you may end up possibly enjoying it now and then!)
 So when I say it's not your grandma's spring cleaning, I mean we aren't turning the house upside down and doing it all in one day. Again, WHO HAS THE TIME? But here are 4 things you DO have time for.

1. 100 ITEMS OUT! I found a great example of that here. But no explanation is needed really, you have to donate/yard sale 100 things in your home. You can divide the items up between family members so a family of four would purge 25 items each.

2. Simplify your cleaner. I use VINEGAR for everything, really I do. It is super cheap and cleans anything! Check out these facts here if you don't believe me. It is safe for children and think of all the cabinet space you would save if you just had ONE bottle for the whole house! (The only dislike I have is the smell but it goes away quickly.)

3. 15 minute pick up, notice I said PICK UP, not CLEAN UP. Every night the family should spend 15 minutes putting things in their place. Catchall baskets are great to throw things in and then carry them around and put things away. Make it fun for young ones by setting a timer and making it a game or offering a bedtime treat for doing it (without arguing I might add).

4. LABEL LABEL LABEL! Did I say it enough? I can't stress it enough! Everyone will be more likely to help put things away if they knew where they went. Never assume they know! They can even be educational by using flash cards, teaching sign language or a foreign language. (Another WARNING: this can be extremely addictive.)

So I hope you find some inspiration to spring clean and the best part is you can do these all year long!

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