Thursday, March 24, 2011

Make The Most of Your Garage Sale!

It’s that time of year to clear out! Here are some quick tips to make the most of your garage sale…..

  • Plan ahead and advertise in the local paper and hang signs and flyers

  • Be specific about date, time, address and key items for sale

  • Post signs in high traffic areas leading to your address

  • Clean up and wipe down items

  • Set prices and clearly label items

  • Have a grab box labeled $1.00 items or .50

  • Have a group garage sale, ask neighbors or friends to participate

  • Display items by spreading them out to make them more visible

  • Hide or put away items that are not for sale in the garage

  • Make sure you have enough change to break large bills

  • Play music in the background

  • Keep grocery bags handy for multiple purchases

  • During slow times, reorganize and straighten up before the next rush

  • Put electronics near an outlet incase someone wants to check if it works

  • Put children’s toys and furniture out on the lawn to attract people

  • Contact a charity organization to pick up items at the end of the garage sale

  • Take down all signs

  • Keep a box in your closet or garage to put items in throughout the year that you want to sell in the next garage sale

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