Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Easy Dry Erase Board

 I can't believe tomorrow is Wednesday already! After an eventful weekend I guess I am just starting to come back to reality. So, most of you know that I babysit children part time out of my home and among my many part time endeavors I seem to always come back to keeping children. I guess it is my "calling" or something because when I am not keeping children I feel like something is missing in my life. I feel like it is my way of making a difference in this world. Impacting a child is one of the most important things you will ever do. I hope that through the diaper changes and preschool lessons that I show them how beautiful and wonderfully made they are. I also pray to be a blessing to the parents in a small way by giving them comfort in their long work days that their children are in a loving environment. With that said, I had a few children here today and realized that I needed a way to SIMPLY organize schedules and keep up with them. So I dug out a dry erase board from Addy's homeschool stuff and got the glue gun out!

 I bought a large piece of marker board from Lowes at the beginning of the year and had them cut it into 8 smaller pieces. It was SUPER cheap at only $10 bucks! I used painters tape to cover the edges because they were a little rough.
 I hot glued some ribbon around the edge. When I got to the corner I pinched it together and then folded it down flat.

Then I flipped it over and glued a piece of ribbon to hang it with.

Tied on a bow.....

 and hung it up! I used it immediately as you can see!

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